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zumba fitness classes at Peak Fitness gym in Buena Vista Colorado is a great workout and fantastic way to stay in shape


When: February 10 @ 6:00 pm

The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to… Learn More

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“Think Colorado is Fantastic!!  Easily the most organized and easy to use maps of Salida and Buena Vista.  And the website has tons of useful information as well.  Thanks Think Colorado!”  Chad Hixon, Owner of Arlie Dales Jug Liquors

“Think Colorado’s efforts in promoting local businesses are unparalleled.  I love the way Think Colorado takes a personal approach to promoting events.  The amount of truly interested people that are reached is amazing, which helps not only my business, but the growing economy of our mountain town.  Think Colorado’s creative and innovative approach to raising awareness to the most suitable and appropriate listeners and readers is far ahead of its time.”  Eddie Sandoval, Owner of The Asian Palate

“Friends, here’s a great resource if you’re looking for interesting things to do in this beautiful state. Think Colorado has the inside scoop on all the unique, fun little events around the state. Like it, share it, read it, and be in the know!”  Antero Hot Springs Cabins

“I think your map is the key to our town”  Earl Richmond, Founder of Colorado Kayak Supply

“So glad I found this wonderful page. Crestone is a wonderful place in Southern Colorado and I would love to share this amazing place with more people. Thanks for the amazing job you are doing here :)” Anne Kelly, Owner of Enchanted Forest Accommodations


“I located the map that you had sent me a while back. Thanks for sending it our way- it’s probably the coolest map I’ve ever seen”  Agnes Blauchut, Colorado Springs Airport Public Affairs

“Last July, my partner and I visited the Arkansas Valley for a weekend hike, knowing virtually nothing of the archipelago of towns it held. After being chased off Mount Elbert by an unforeseen storm, we retreated to Buena Vista for lunch and a regroup. Next to our table sat a colorful Think Colorado map, which I instinctively waved open and examined while awaiting our order. I was immediately struck by its thoughtful aesthetic and robust material. It laid a clear path of waypoints and attractions for the rest of our day, for which we had no ‘plan B’. In a way, the Think Colorado map gave the impression of authenticity for the town and legitimized its offerings to this then-outsider. We moved to Buena Vista a month from that day.”  Ed Barkowski

“Best of Colorado pocket maps are brilliant. As a business owner I value this perfectly sized map – its attractive color and charm.  A truly informational collector’s guide.”  Cheryl Mehaffey, Founder of Mother’s Bistro

“I like these little maps and they are everywhere!” Wendy Rombold, Broker at Re/Max Mountain River

“You’re creating beauty in our state, of our state, for our state… and that’s damn worthy. ” Ed, The Buena Vista Roastery

“As I have said many times. I have to have those maps!” Gill Engles, Concierge at Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort

“Thanks for all that you do for our mountain communities!”  American Adventure Rafting

“YAY, so happy to be part this beautiful map & website!!! “  Clarice Hamme, owner of Natural Mystic Wellness Center

 I have to say these maps/advertising are really cool!”  Shannon Murphy Bevington, Salida Mountain Sports

“Yes, do this – it is the best map ever! and include more than just a map (website links, etc) One of the best marketing tools the valley has ever seen!”  Evelyn Baker, Co-Founder of The Trailhead