Artists Flock to Greeley for America’s Largest Jazz Festival

Greeley Colorado Jazz Festival

Jazz—America’s truest art form. For many jazz lovers, it’s not just about the music, but the scene and the mood it creates. Jazz concerts can inspire romance, provide disguise, or initiate a party. It is the soul of our country and a celebration of our struggles, our victories, and of our people.

Although started in the south, highlights of the jazz movement don’t just belong in Louisiana—where the famous New Orleans Jazz Festival takes place—but in other parts of the U.S. as well. The longest running, for example, is in Monterey, California and the largest can be found right in our backyard, in the northern town of Greeley, Colorado.

Hosted by the University of Northern Colorado, the Greeley Jazz Festival is getting ready for its 46th year, where it will bring together internationally recognized artists, jazz lovers, award-winning clinicians, jazz vocal groups, and 250 college, high school, and middle school big bands.

Not only does the Greeley Jazz Festival carry the tradition of featuring some of the most prominent names in jazz today, it also brings artists to Colorado that are rarely or never heard of in this region. Over 8,000 participants enjoy the main stage, while many others perform in after-hours sessions or teach in educational workshops.

This year’s festival will run from April 21st to April 23rd and will feature internationally acclaimed jazz vocal group, the New York Voices, premier big band and Grammy nominated, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, and Grammy nominated, jazz organist, Joey DeFrancesco.

Come to Greeley for the weekend to enjoy the music and stay for everything else this great town has to offer, such as its historical museums, 100-piece public art collection, and 85-miles of in town bike lanes. For more information on the Greeley Jazz Fest, visit UNC Greeley Jazz Festival

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Lindsay Diamond is a novelist and freelance writer living in the mountains of central Colorado. Visit to learn more.