Take in Colorado’s Gorgeous Scenery and Sunny Skies with a Round of Disc Golf

Photo Credit: Andy Librande/Colorado Mountain College Carbondale Colorado Disc Golf Course

Back in the 15th century, when men gathered for sport, golf was often favored. Six hundred years later, it is still played, though its popularity has declined in part due to its high associated costs. In its place has sprung disc golf, an affordable alternative that has been making waves across the country.

Unlike traditional golf, disc golf requires little investment and has low environmental impact. Yet, similar to traditional golf, it is challenging, provides comradery, and takes you outside where fresh air and sunshine do a body good. Try a round yourself and it will be easy to see why disc golf has been named the fastest growing sport in America.

Much like traditional golf, discs are thrown from a tee and across a fairway to a hole, which is a suspended metal basket, and the player with the fewest strokes (or throws) wins. Likewise, as golfers have multiple clubs for different types of strokes, disc golf players have multiple discs for driving, putting, windy conditions, etc.

These days, people often look for more casual activities, and disc golf is just that. In many cases, courses are free and tee times are not necessary. Show up when you want and play as little or as much as you want. Play solo, bring any number of friends, or take your dog as a companion. Wear what you want and imbibe what you want. In most instances, rules are few—as long as you respect the land, the course, and the people around you. The best part of disc golf is that it’s easy to take up. Novices can easily play alongside experts, though newbies may wonder about the twenty or so discs the expert insists on carrying along.

It’s no surprise that in Colorado—with its outdoor mentality and sporty residents—disc golf is especially popular. With the state’s gorgeous scenery and sunny skies, disc golf can sometimes feel like a great adventure. If you want to find a course near you, check out Disc Golf Course Review for the largest and most detailed list of Colorado disc golf courses. Following are some awesome courses to check out.

Beaver Creek Ranch in Conifer Park – Confier
Though $8 to play, this course is well worth it. Set in a beautiful mountainous area that is heavily wooded, it will take you through a forest and make you feel like you’re in the backcountry. The signage here is superb, and on some days, there may be a food truck waiting at the end of your round.

Lake Dillon Disc Golf Course – Dillon
With unbelievable views of the lake and its surrounding mountains, this course will give you a workout with its extreme elevation changes. And, it’s an easy trip from Denver for those who want to get into the mountains but don’t want to drive hours to get there.

Shining Mountain Disc Golf Course – Woodland Park
With views of Pikes Peak, this beautiful and impressive course is Colorado’s first permanent disc golf course on a public golf club course. A variety of elevations, distances, and out-of-bounds areas make this course challenging.

Buena Vista Disc Golf Course – Buena Vista
Tough lines and long holes make this course a good challenge. Creative use of elevation and natural rock features also makes for tricky basket locations. However, with shorter trees, it’s easier for first timers, and it’s walking distance from downtown, so refreshments and a bite to eat are close by.

Disc Golf Course Buena Vista ColoradoDisc Golf Course Buena Vista Colorado

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