The Denver County Fair

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While the Denver County Fair honors many fine traditions of the classic American county fair, it is also relatively new—founded in 2011—giving it the freedom to start its own, unique customs that blend more seamlessly with modern times. Furthermore, by its progressive and creative nature, Denver would undoubtedly host a county fair that is considered by most standards, well… a little different.

The events hosted at the Denver County Fair might be considered absurd compared to country fair standards. But with event titles like alpaca obstacle course, mullet 5k run, 80s retro happy hour, and extreme midget wrestling, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

Some of the Denver County Fair’s signature events, such as the carnival, are a bit more traditional. Here, thrill seekers get their fix at more than 20 carnival and unicorn rides, games, bouncy house, water balls, and more.

Carnival tip? The combo ticket includes grounds admission along with all of the fair’s rides throughout the grounds.

The Denver County Fair also organizes a beer and wine fest, and why shouldn’t it when Colorado is known for its craft beer? Enjoy pours from more than 25 breweries and wineries from across the city, county, and region.

And for lovers of the feline species, the Denver County Fair is happy to welcome back the TICA World of Cats show. From spots to dots, long hair to no hair, and big ears to tiny ones, the felines attending this show will surely enchant. Come check out the coolest and cutest kittens at this pawsitively awesome event!

The Denver County Fair runs July 13th to July 15th.
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photo credit: Denver County Fair