Colorado Bucket List: Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Colorado Bucket List Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

In 1941, the Civilian Conversation Corps—a public works program part of FDR’s New Deal—laid the final stone in what would become the world’s greatest outdoor amphitheater. Little did they know that what they had done would change the music world forever, sealing Morrison, Colorado as the number one destination for artists and music lovers alike.

With Mother Nature as its architect, Red Rocks’ famous pair of geologically formed monoliths promote seamless acoustics that many artists claim to be the best in the land. And while the sound at Red Rocks is to die for, it’s just one factor that makes this outdoor venue a must-see for any Colorado visitor.

Come for the music and fall in love with the view. With rolling green hills spotted with, well, red rocks, and the Denver skyline aglow from the setting sun, all sorts of good feels happen when you soak it in. And, once the sun has set and the sky has turned dark, stars light the night, turning the show into something magical. It’s no wonder bands pull out all the stops when they play at Red Rocks. Don’t be surprised when famous guests hop on stage or insane light shows are set ablaze.

Dozens of famous acts have played Red Rocks, some of the most notorious being the Beatles in 1964, Jethro Tull in 1971, which led to a five-year ban on rock and roll after a riot broke out, and U2, whose Live at Red Rocks concert video was listed in Rolling Stones: 50 Moments that Changed Rock and Roll.

Come to Red Rocks for a mixture of love, fascination, tranquility, and exhilaration. As one of the most unique historic sites in the nation, it’s safe to say there isn’t another place on Earth quite like it. Here, bands turn into gods and concerts into quasi-religious experiences.

For anyone that lives in or visits Colorado, Red Rocks is an absolute must and an experience that will stay with you forever.
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