Colorado’s Uniquely Frightening Halloween Haunts

It’s haunted house season again, and rather than showcasing the biggest and scariest of them all, we thought we’d take a step back and share some of Colorado’s more unique haunted experiences. I mean, who says ghosts and zombies can only inhabit a house? Check out our list for most unique “scares” in Colorado.

Haunted Field of Screams

Explore three terrifying attractions including the Dead Man’s Night Maze, the Zombie Paintball Massacre, and the Haunted Field of Screams.

The last is an interactive tour of terror that leads from one nightmare to the next, with the moonlight as your only guide. Dare to walk through 16-foot-tall cornstalks and prepare to get spooked at every turn.

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Haunted Mines 
Colorado Springs

Seriously, what’s scarier than the mining tunnels once used throughout the mountains of Colorado where hundreds of deaths occurred? Dare yourself to explore deep within the realms of Colorado’s darkest, deepest tunnels where ghosts of buried miners reside.

Additional curiosities abound in the mines, including rock formations and insect life found nowhere else on the planet. Most notable are enormous arachnids larger than the bird-eating tarantula.

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The Forrest of Doom 

Breathe fresh air as you embark on a moonlit hike… through the Forest of Doom. Monsters, demons, evil spirits, and other devilish creatures will walk alongside you in complete darkness out in the open. We assure you, hiking will never be the same!

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Dead Zone Scream Park

Get caught in a realm between the living and the dead in The Dead Zone. Prepare for frights in three different and unique zones across hundreds of acres of farm property, including the Corn Stalkers, the Cursed Hayride, and the After Dark Corn Maze.

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