Get Locked Up at Asylum for the Ultimate Fright

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Haunted houses are so last year. This Halloween, take it up a notch at Asylum in Pueblo, where you and your friends get locked in an asylum and have one hour to escape. Are you ready for the challenge?

SOCO Escape Room offers experiences in Pueblo’s Black Iron Building throughout the year. But for Halloween, it stages its most frightening experience, Asylum. From October 5th through November 5th, SOCO Escape Room will lock you in a room, where getting out won’t be so easy. You’ll have one hour to free yourself. During that time, you and your team will need all your wits about you as you work to solve a labyrinth of physical, logical, and investigative puzzles in order to escape. If you don’t, there’s no telling what the consequences might be.

Asylum’s escape room is a frightening, immersive experience where participants must work as a team to solve a series of puzzles and tasks inside the room in order to escape within a specified time limit. SOCO Escape Rooms are themed and have a unique storyline that engages you with your environment.

So, what’s Asylum’s story? The Brindley twins call themselves psychiatrists. They snatch people off the streets and make them patients in their very own asylum. In your worst nightmare come true, you awake in a locked in a room. The vicious twins will be back in an hour to give you your treatment.

Escape or die.

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