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Create a stellar income for yourself. Join Think Colorado

Join our team and help start your town’s version of our uber popular, water & tear proof, 100% green, & 100% locally sourced pocket maps. This is our 7th year going to print for the Best of Colorado Maps. It’s proven to be a sustainable business model and we are growing BIG!


  • Each completed contract (99 sales) pays a total of $10,000
  • We are expanding to other Colorado towns! Depending on your goals, there is opportunity to work 12 months or as little as 1 month/year.
  • Each contract takes an average of one to three months to complete depending on the time you have to invest.
  • Opportunity for more than one contract


  • 20% Commission Paid as an Independent Contractor ($8,415 per contract)
  • $1,585 bonus at the end of each completed contract
  • Total pay per completed contract is $10,000


  • Year-round distribution keeps a working relationship with your clients. Year-round distribution would consist of once every 3 months (4 times per year). Pay to be discussed.

Sales is hard work, but with that, you have the freedom to create your own hours and be your own boss for your income/play balance. We are a super flexible company. We believe in long vacations! And we know if our team isn’t happy, our clients aren’t happy.

Cheers and thank you for your interest!
Sue & Your Think Colorado Team

“In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”
– Tina Fey

For more information: or Sue 719.221.3986