🚲 Pedal the Plains

There’s no better way to explore Colorado’s Eastern Plains than on a bike, and Pedal the Plains, a supported ride through Holly, Springfield, and Lamar is the ideal bike event to do it.

From September 13th through September 15th, hop on your road bike and join the end-of-summer ride that celebrates Eastern Colorado’s rich harvest season. Be prepared… this ride is far more than a bike tour. It’s a traveling party packed with boot-stomp’n live music, beer gardens, delicious and locally sourced food, interactive educational exhibits, and a touch of country fun.

Pedal the Plains is a fully supported bike tour. While you pedal, event organizers and host towns help with lodging, transportation, food, and all the other logistics you need to figure out.

This annual cycling event is unique compared to all others in Colorado because it celebrates the agricultural roots and frontier heritage of Colorado’s Eastern Plains and offers opportunities for cyclists from the Front Range and beyond to learn about farming and ranching while experiencing the culture, history, and landscape of Colorado’s high plains.

Pedal the Plains averages 50 to 80 miles per day. However, if this length is too long—or too short—for you, there’s also a family fun ride for novice cyclists and a century option for seasoned riders.

By participating in Pedal the Plains, you’re also helping host communities, which benefit economically through associated fundraising initiatives and the influx of riders and their families.

Do yourself—and Colorado’s rural communities—a bit of good and Pedal the Plains in 2019. For more information,
visit PedalThePlains.com.

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