🦢The High Plains Snow Goose Festival

A very special natural phenomenon occurs on the plains of eastern Colorado each winter, and it's something you have to see to believe.

A very special natural phenomenon occurs on the plains of eastern Colorado each winter, and it’s something you have to see to believe. 

During their annual migration, thousands of snow geese find respite on the lakes and riparian habitats of Lamar and the city’s neighboring towns. These beautiful birds land, blanketing fields and bodies of water with white as if snow has fallen, and when they take off in tandem, the sound echoes and shakes the earth. 

Witnessing the snow goose migration is jaw-dropping, even to the most novice birdwatcher or naturalist, and there is no better time to see it than during the Annual High Plains Snow Goose Festival, February 6th through February 9th, 2020. 

Each year, nature lovers congregate in Lamar to witness the great snow goose migration and to participate in tours, programs, a trade show, and more. 

While the High Plains Snow Goose Festival offers tours to see these magnificent white birds, there are also tours to nearby canyons, gems of southeastern Colorado offering an outdoor and wildlife viewing experience unique to this corner of Colorado, and Two Buttes Reservoir, one of the region’s favorite birding spots. 

This year’s presentations include the natural wonders of southeastern Colorado, local history, such as the Sand Creek Massacre and the WWII Camp Amache Japanese Internment Camp, and live raptors from the Pueblo Raptor Center. 

The keynote speakers for this year’s High Plains Snow Goose Festival are Marc Kramer and Eliana Ardila Ardila, who documented their recent journey from Florida to Alaska in a 1978 VW Bus in their blog, “Birding by Bus.” Come hear about their journey and the incredible species of birds they discovered along the way.

If you’re feeling a bit less adventurous but still want to partake in birdwatching, you can join an organized walk along the Willow Creek Nature Trail, a mile-long trail behind Lamar Community College. This small tract of land, filled with trees, streams, and ponds, has one of the highest concentrations of bird species in the entire state! 

Event registration is free. However, field trips range from price depending on the length of the program and if meals are provided. Numerous programs are also offered at no charge. To learn more, visit HighPlainsSnowGoose.com.

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